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Three GIFT questions

Always actual

Hello! My name is Irina. I practice of Red Wemmish Norwegian Magic.

I offer magical help, read Tarot cards and work with Runes.

To get to know me, my work, to draw some conclusions on your and my side, there are Three GIFT questions that you can use.

You can ask these questions once – This is not an action, this is a process of working with me.

First of all, say hello and introduce yourself, write What is your name. Send your lastest photo, unedited in Photoshop. Then formulate the questions.

… Here are some general sample questions for different situations:

    how will the relationship with this or that person develop (send a photo and his name);
    how does he (she) really relate to me? (send a photo and name);
    how will the meeting on this or that issue/ topic go? (describe the question);
    what will the new idea bring? (describe the idea);
    when you choose something, describe between what you choose and I can answer where, or what will be better;
    what does my work/ job will bring me (write where you work and what do you do);

To the question – „When?“, „How long?“, „How soon?“ „How fast?“ – I do not know the answer, because everyone’s time runs or creeps in their own way (I can only specify the maximum amount of time).

To the question – „Tell me what awaits me?“ „What does the future bring?“ – I answer in a paid service, fortune-telling, diagnostics (as it is convenient for anyone) when I look at the whole picture of your future.

In fact, you can ask the cards whatever you want. If you have any difficulties in formulating a question, write as it is, and I will help you.

☝ Unless absolutely necessary, I do not make fortunes for those who are under 18 years old, about children and pregnant women.

Write all questions and requests to the contacts indicated on the website. You will get an answer within 7 days!

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