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Instruction for ordering gold jewelry

Craftsmen of jewelry with the project „LifesNotices“ will help you create a piece of jewelry according to your individual design, which only consists of 750 gold, and give it a magical note, so that it turns into a VIP amulet or talisman.

The workshop of gold products from „LifesNotices“ is ready to accept your order 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

How do I order on the website?
Send us two or three options for the image of the product picture, your own sketch or pictures by email. Describe your wishes (length, size, color of the stones, etc.). Be/ make sure to check if you are interested in a magical ritual, see the note below.

In order to design the sketch drawn on paper exactly as it was conceived, we will create for you a computer 3D model of the future product, and you can see the future piece of jewelry in detail.

After our jewelers have received information from you, they will calculate the application and our manager will contact you to discuss the calculation, further steps, for example the date, place and time of the meeting to agree.

With him/ her you will agree on the payment method and clarify the delivery conditions.

Wait for the delivery of the order at the agreed time.

Note and additional options:
When ordering your product, you decide whether it will be your/ a magic VIP amulet, a talisman or not. This affects at least the number of consultants working with you.

    If you order products with stones, as described in this article, you can get a ritual corresponding to the meaning of the stone with a discount of 50%.
    If you order for an amount starting of 3,000 euros, you can get a gift voucher for the ritual for any wish, which is valid within one year, with a discount of 25%.

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