Januar 15 2021

Fortune-telling Yes or No by phone call

Fortune-telling by (over the) phone, independent and free, makes it possible to quickly get an answer to a question that needs immediate resolution around the clock.

All you need is a phone and a question. Focus on your question, which can be answered positively or negatively. Speak the question out loud, on the phone, and wait for the call.

1st Note: a lot depends on how busy your phone is with calls. If hourly, you will get an answer quickly, and if once a month, then until the next call. So quick answers like ‚Do I receive a present today?‘ in the second case, it remains unanswered.

2nd Note: in the era of smartphones, define whether calls are made via SIM card or all incoming calls, i.e. also via the Internet. This moment needs to be pronounced either before or after the question.

And the most important thing.

    For women the answer YES is a call from a man, respectively, the answer NO will be from a woman.
      And for a man, on the contrary, a call from a woman is YES, a call from a man is NO.

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