April 12 2021

Rituals to raise money or the magic of the 13th

The 13th of each month is considered as a mystical day, but it is on this day that rituals for raising money are most effective. On this day, it is recommended to conduct monetary rituals and read conspiracies to increase money. It does not matter on what day of the week the 13th falls, the magic of that number itself is important.

Remember that all money rituals must be performed with faith in your actions and words. If there is no faith in the ritual, there will be no result. So down with skepticism, in financial matters, it is completely inappropriate! Mark the 13th and you go!

Ritual to raise money
If you want to solve your financial problems and increase your well-being, perform this ritual at home. Take 13 coins of any denomination and wrap them in paper. Put this piece of paper in your pocket and carry it with you throughout the day. In the evening of the same day, unfold the piece of paper and spend them all within an hour.

Ritual out of lack of money
If you are hit by financial failures, then a ritual using your wallet will help you. Take all the money out of it, take a piece of paper and describe in detail all your money problems on it. The more detailed the story of your disasters is, the better. Put the piece of paper in your wallet, close it and throw it in the trash. Buy a new wallet the next day. With the old wallet, all your difficulties and negative energies will go away, and with the new one, happiness and fortune will come.

Ritual on Money Growth Ritual
On the 13th, buy any houseplant sprout with succulent, juicy full leaves and a red pot. Put 13 coins in the pot, bury them with soil and plant a plant there. As the flower grows, your financial wealth will increase. It is important to take good care of the plant, because if it dies, it will be bad for your income.

When performing rituals for money, remember that they do not work by themselves. Your personal participation in your destiny is also important. So do not expect luck from heaven even from the most powerful conspiracies and rituals for wealth. Magic is just a helper, which means that we have to do most of the work ourselves.

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