April 12 2021

Ritual ‚the Money candle‘

This ritual is very simple, yet effective. It can be only done once a month, on the new moon.

It is necessary:

    – green candle of a cylindrical shape;
    – two candles of the same size, gold and white;
    – basil powder;
    – olive oil;
    – money: coins and banknotes, of various denominations.

Place candles of gold and white colors to your left and right. Place the money between them so that they are all in sight. Look at the money, try to feel your desire, so that there will be even more of it. Take a green candle in your hand and brush it with oil. Then roll the candle over the basil powder so that it is completely covered with it.

Place it between you and the money. Light a candle and let it burn for a few minutes. In doing so, try to focus on your desire.

Light a candle and look at the money through its flame. Then, mentally, pull the money towards you. You can repeat to yourself: „Money, money, money …“.

Pull as hard as possible until you feel mildly dizzy. Then extinguish the white candle and repeat the step. Extinguish the golden candle and repeat the manipulation.

After that, collect all the money from the table with your hands and throw it on the green candle. If the candle does not go out, then you have achieved your goal and made a money candle. But if the candle goes out, then you have to repeat the whole ritual again, starting with attracting money.

When your candle is ready, that is, by its burning it has shown you that everything is in order, you can use it.

All you have to do is light that candle and imagine how the money flowing into your life. You can do this several times a month, and then you will receive several/multiple incomes. However, you can do it once, and you will receive a one-time income. You decide. It is important to remember that the candle is only active until the next full moon.

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