April 7 2021

Rune position ‚I will buy some more money!‘

I think you have already suspected that this is a donated rune position to get money. The bear with the cigar suggest it – see the picture.

So, the rune position constantly attracting finance to you from all possible sources, helping to get the right things and material values, directing a financial flow to you until you deactivate it.

In addition, it attracts money so that the operator/applicant does not have to exert too much effort and do some complicated and difficult work.

Scans the space, finds and attracts cash flows into the applicant’s wallet, opens and highlights new opportunities and stuff like that.

I will buy some more money! – Instructions:

Transfer it to your photo or sheet of paper. Specify it (give a definition) (as a last resort you may take the description of the text and change it correctly for yourself). And activate it, for example, with your breath, or with your spit.
Deactivation – burn it with words of gratitude.
Although the author does not say anything about payment, according to the rules of the universe, it is desirable to do a good deed.

© Inner. Black and White magic.

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