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Types of negative programs

Not all problems are the result of hex / black magic (bewitch, bedevil) and curses!
Despite your own and religious beliefs, let’s look at these topics.

In most cases, nobody needs us to be cursed and harmed/hurt. It has to be earned to have serious enemies. But there is always but… a person is able of harming himself and be unlucky with the circumstances.

The evil eye is an energetic blow to the human body. Often not consciously or intentionally. Its fundamentals are peak-scale emotions such as intense aggression, envy, jealousy, hatred, sometimes from over-praise or from admiration. The more energy invested in the lunge in your direction, the harder/stronger it is.
Many people do not even notice that they received a blow in the form of the evil eye, because everything depends on the person’s initial state, whether he/she is healthy or weak. The evil eye sticks to children more often than to adults and it is more dangerous for them. So, it twists the children harder, and the consequences are more severe.
The evil eye causes a temporary deterioration in tone well-being, emotional malfunction and failure in some current affairs. According to observations, quite often, the evil eye passes by itself, within 3 to 7 days, and does not leave any harmful effect. – this applies to mild to (inter)moderate severity. In these stages, simply washing with holy water or rolling out with an egg is enough. With a strong negative program, it can be cumulative, that is, the more such evil eye, the more a person becomes a suction cup for the negative and negative influences, it requires special cleaning. A heavy evil eye without cleaning will either go away a longer period of time or get stuck, a lump of negative energy with a negative energy may be stuck in a person’s energy, like a splinter that festering, bring discomfort, will become a magnet for spontaneous attachment and collecting of negative.

    You will not praise yourself, no one will praise you. Just do not over-praise, because with this you can harm yourself – and this is called the evil eye for yourself. Over-praising yourself, that is, confusing what you want and possible: taking off, building castles in the air without soil under your feet, breaking away from reality, overestimating or lowering/underestimate your potential, inspiring yourself, taking away your chances, take away your creative energies with an example of behavior: „I cannot do anything.; And why should I start?“ and so on.

The fright is a strong short-term energy and mental / energetic and psychological shake/shock, caused by the so-called shock effect, when the nervous, energy centers receive a blow. This is a kind of negative that has a permanent traumatic effect, especially in children, since the psyche of an adult is already quite stable, so to speak adapted to quickly digest stress and energy shock, which causes fright.
During the fright, a psychic/psychological block forms, according to the principle of a conditioned reflex „the dog no longer barks and the child is still afraid.“ This block is fueled by fear and tension. In children these blocks are formed most often in the anahata chakras, in the center of balance, and minipura.
There are two groups

    – The pushing, the squeezing out the mental and energy block/blockade. The child unconsciously pushes out screaming, tears, impulsive movements, tantrums, nervous tics and aggression.

    – and the pull, pulling of the psychic/psychological block deep into the subconscious, the so-called withdrawal of oneself/itself. In this case, the child locks itself up, freezes, shows general inhibition, reduced contact, apathy, no physical activity and solitude.

If you do not deal with it faster with a severe fright, then the blow will not pass without a trace – it can lead to a deep form of psimatic disorder: stuttering, anuresis, nervous tic, hysteria, epilepsy, delays in intellectual and physical development, and so on. Getting rid of this type of negativity without a psychologist or without energy correction, but only by medical means, will be very difficult.

The energy clogging/blockage it is also called chronic fatigue syndrome, when there is no fresh energy, you feel a breakdown and all your plans come incredibly slowly. There is no need to look for enemies. The energy clogging arises from our environment, from a negative work or family environment, from angry, depressive people around and from the negative in thoughts, words, emotions around, and also from the area where you are located, see more about the black magic to the room.
The man/the human is an open energy system that is in constant energy exchange with everything and everyone. The human receives and radiates energy. There are good, neutral, and bad energies around us. Accepting the energy, you accumulate it in your energy body, i.e. in the chakras, the so-called energy channels. These energies go on their own. Of course, you can clog yourself, destroy, hurt yourself, but here you have to try very hard, and at the same time not really love yourself. For example, if you do not get enough sleep, do not believe yourself, are involved in suicide, whine and complain.
The so-called treatment for this annoyance is very simple. You have to balance energy and emotions. Restore the flow of new energy and thereby gain new energy. Ideally, out of 100 emotions are 60 neutral, 35 positive and only 5 negative, because the mental balance is the energy balance.

The energy vampirism is the exhaustion of energy by one person from another. There are no clear proportions. Anyone can be a vampire. A vampire may also be someone who does not have enough of own energy, or it is disturbed in them so that it/vampire has to live at the expense of someone else’s. When you become a victim of vampirism, you feel heaviness, weakness, pressure in the heart, in the stomach and in the head, generally in the whole body, feel like after a marathon run.
There are two categories

    – Passive, to whom give everything and do not teach them how to live. These are energy bums and it is in your, arbitrary, choice to feed them or not, or to hide from such people.

    – Intentionally, these are sneaky professionals. Bum themselves are healthy as a horse, but have been dying for years. They will suck your energy to the last drop so you will last longer. They will break/smash you, unbalance you. And some do not calm down until they bring you to tears. Living with them is very difficult. If at work it is still somehow solvable, then fate with a partner is not enviable. Their weapons are aggression, scandal, reproach, nit-picking, profociation. Kind of they are an investigation. In your favor, you have to break off these suction cups, put up a barrier and stay in balance.

Many people who are not very friendly with their heads can reach curses during disputes. A small %-percentage of people can produce a negative effect only in words, for the rest it remains only words that can have a maximum, serious evil eye effect.
The more often a person curses you, the deeper and harder the effect.
In cases of parental and related curses, words have a very strong effect. Especially beware of the curses of your mother, they are especially strong, so that they can extend to the 7th generation.

The hex, the black magic, a general description, is a deliberate, purposeful, conscious, destructive impact on various spheres of a person’s life, that is, on everything that is sufficient for the imagination. This is the largest area of negative impact.
This is a program that was created using various manipulations and rituals. According to the idea of magic/bedevil, it should combine energy – i.e. fuel, information, i.e. a message or an installation, that, which should grasp the victim – the person – you. The more it invest in every way, the greater the effect.
So what does it look like?
An energy-informational program that, like a virus, has to penetrate into the energy space of a person and begin to harm it. To do this harm, manipulation of dirty tricks is done with the help of photos, biological things like blood, hair, nails, and a good master can work on a person’s astral body, on their phantom. Any program does not immediately work, it takes time and moon/lunar cycles.
Also, for a negative program to pass trough and a person to begin to feel it on his physical body, it must go through several bodies, go into the information field in which it starts to work. And further along the spiral it reaches the physical body. Each of us actually has many bodies, we are like giants, but we only see our physical body.

    Initial diagnosis for the hex/ black magic.
    1. Sudden unexpected deterioration. Suddenly for no reason. Everything was fine and everything collapsed.
    2. It has happened that you cannot hardly, at all imagine it. Break of the laws of logic. Using a rule of logic helps a lot in diagnostics.
    3. Chronic vicious circle. One-time, it may be a result of the evil eye, and when problems arise again, may be it the hex, remember
    🔸 Once is a fortuity/happenstance,
    🔸 Two times is a coincidence,
    🔸 Three times is the pattern.

A sharp deterioration in health. Doctors are often confused about diagnoses, anger, reduced work ability, increased irritability, craving for alcohol, scandals with relatives and colleagues, outbreaks of hatred for loved ones/relatives, loss of money and things, small or large expenses, failed deals, for no reason fear, depression, lack of sensation comfort in the house, even when you eat, you do not feel the taste of food, chills, cold – limbs get colder.
If being in the church you have yawns, hiccups, a bad smell, a sharp deterioration in health, hostility, fear of icons, crackling and digging candles in your presence – all this can confirm your guesses about the presence of hex/damage spells. There is a conflict between own and foreign energy.
There are often several signals at the same time. In such cases, it is worth contacting the master and using methods that can confirm this and determine more precisely what exactly is it. By the diagnosis you can find out who interferes.

And now about the dangerous and nasty types of hex/ black magic/ damage witchcraft, with the sign ✴️, and all others. The most disgusting hexs are those made in a cemetery or in a church.

    If, for example, where the church itself is important in the process, to put a candle for peace to a living person, just a candle, without additional rituals, then you will deprive a guardian angel and other protection from this person.
    And if you order a sealed church rite, that is only carried out according to the certificate of the dead… then this is already a hex/ magic to death. It is much more dangerous. If the victim has strong energy and protection, it (he/she) is alive, but it begins to have problems in all vital areas. There is a loss of interest in life, willpower. At the level of consciousness, the guardian angel is lost and the victim wonders “Why am I living?”, but in the physical aspect the victim is fighting.
    There is a church rule to seal a person in a grave, so that its spirit does not walk on the earth, and the soul does not return to the earth. For this purpose, a ceremony is performed during which the priest reads a prayer over a handful of earth in the church, so that later he can pour this earth into a grave or coffin – funnily to a cemetery.

✴️ The task of the hex/ black magic for death leads the victim to premature death. The man, the person, the victim with the help of rituals is saturated with the energy of death. A virus is infused into its energy field, which, incompatible for life, produces a disturbance of the person’s energy centers and channels, their psyche and their health. It works according to the principle of cancer, with energy metastases it destroys a person both from the inside and outside.

✴️ In hex/ magic to health in a mild form, one can observe arrhythmia, a disease from nowhere. Fights – fights the disease for years and do not die. You can get a battle draw or even get a chance for improvement. The consequences of a severe hex/ black magic can lead to stroke.

✴️ The intrauterine hex/ black magic is the meanest and most hideous kind of negativity; very miserable hex. How much do you have to be crazy to not only wish the death of the mother and her child, but also to consciously do it: hex only for the child itself, only for the mother herself, or for both.
In this form of magic, there is no 100-% fulfillment of the plan. In all cases, it begins with the mother, which (the negative) will automatically pass on to her fetus. In all cases, there will be problems in connection with pregnancy and childbirth, where there may be fading, strong syntaxation, the risk of breakdown, entanglement of the umbilical cord, prematurity birth, fetal pathology of the fetus, miscarriage, pathological childbirth, birth injury, birth activity injury, and death during childbirth.
When a woman becomes pregnant, she is perfectly healthy and then pathological problems begin. Please note that this is not only a physical factor, but may also have a negative program.
So, the fetus is saturated by the mother’s poison energy, the cataxins, and this poisons it. This painful child may be the last of her offspring. A child is born with pathology, with cerebral palsy, disability and mental disorders. Note that hex/ black magic after childbirth does not go away at all. Yes, this negative will come out and will remain, but it will be called differently, for example, the hex/ magic to the health.
The pathologies with which the child was born, they will remain, all this must be treated. There will be developmental delays and obstacles in the treatment of improving health and in eliminating all these pathologies. If you start to fighting, then you must work not only with the child, but of course also with the mother. The treatment if the child only has a temporary effect, since it is all interconnected.
There are times when the hex/ magic done to the mother is divided into two halves into the mother and the fetus. It all depends on how strong the energy of the mother and the child is. This can be called a child of the guardian angel. The principle of what happened is this – if it does not kill, then it hurts. The child will have traumatic effects. The Mother may be almost die, but God has mercy on her.

The hex/ black magic on quarrels. The hex on the separation of (love) relationships, on the family. In an easily case partners quarrel and going apart/separating, and in case of severe one, one of the partners can become a widow.
The hex/ black magic to bad luck. On poverty, If in a light form the business collapses, but it can be rebuilt, then in a heavy form you will go down to the level of a homeless person. The hex/ black magic to madness, to alcoholism.

✴️ There are a dozen reasons to be alone, including becoming a victim of hex on loneliness. You have a long time, chronic long loneliness – for years. All relationships are reduced to zero, ending a serious relationship before it begins, a marriage is destroyed, if there was one, the disappearance of a partner suddenly, just like that, becoming a status if the person invisibility, when you are not noticed and looked through, despite your beauty and attractiveness. By these people, you erased from their memory, as if you were not there at all. The subconscious mind sensor will identify a person with the hex on loneliness as dead. The man, the victim, lives in a vacuum like behind a glass. And these men, partners, cannot really explain „why?“ – the reason.
By this hex/ magic , the chakras of Anahata, Svadhistana, Sahasrara are blocked and closed to the energy radiation. A person’s attractiveness and charm are faded, a black veil has been thrown over the person, under which neither his personality, nor his passion, nor his energy, nor any of his emotions are visible.

✴️ In contrast to hex to loneliness, the crown of celibacy or the seal of loneliness is therefore also without marriage, but not completely single, not complete loneliness. The victim can make new contacts, make/ be friends, communicate, meet/date, have love relationships, but when it comes to compatibility, the mechanism of distributive destruction is started immediately. There is a powerful release of energy into the internal, so that the program does not work against the holder, the victim, but against the people who approach him/her.
The crown of celibacy is a form of deliberate strong energy-informational impact on a person using the method of magic. The result of the crown of celibacy is the intervention of an aspect in the person’s fate (of a man), thereby destroying the natural course of events in a person’s personal life. The energy of this person, i.e. the victim, can break and distort karmic relationships on their own and create a specific distribution program that affects the personal life of a person, the partner.
In the initial phase of the crown of celibacy are disputes, a change in the course of events, a change in a person, the destruction of plans, the destruction of established karmic ties, the cooling and the disappearance of loved ones, and in the most difficult cases, death. This kind of negativity literally kills the other half of the victim.
It is almost impossible to remove this negative yourself. It takes a lot of strength, knowledge of the intricacies of the karmic apparatus. And with the help of a master, you can destroy it. If nothing is done, then over time this hex/ black magic can weaken, but not disappear. It can go through karma, it can become an inheritance for your children = the generation crown of celibacy, where your children, that is, the children of the victim, repeat the fate of their parents… in which only breaks down their personal lives.

Any serious hex/ black magic can lead to a generation damage, lead to an inheritance for children, which mostly relates to personal life and happiness.
In the main, this resembles curse. There, in the family curse, it is also transmitted from parents to offsprings. In contrast to curse, the negative does not spread to all descendants and all relatives in several generations, and only one gets it from the family. Often it goes to the first-born, and practice has shown that it goes to the weakest and most sensitive.
This is a hex where there is no place to unfold within a person’s energy space. For hex one person is not enough. It has a malicious charge, and if you have not finished your cleaning or have not done it at all, then it will reach the child. The daughter repeats the fate of the mother, and the son repeats the fate of the father. “Lucky ones” are those children who have received from their parents the hex/magic of loneliness, misfortune in personal lives, bad luck, alcoholism, etc.

Normal classical relationships have automatically energetic, emotional and mental links – this is like a reciprocal mutual reaction to love. They have a common wave of energy. With strong mutual love, not everyone and every love spell, removal/ detachment and hex, magic will work. The master has to work very hard.

✴️ The goal of a love spell is to forcefully instill a victim with artificial feelings  to the client of a love spell.

    – If the victim is paired, then intercept him/her.

With a weak ritual, the victim stops loving the current partner and goes to the client… With strong influence, the victim will become an alcoholic, the roof went or even degrade – it will become a zombie.

    – And if the victim is, so to say, in a ’search‘, on his own, to bind him/her to the client.

Manipulations of rituals, conspiracies are mentally programmed, replacing his/her real feelings with false ones. Then the energy connections between them are made artificially, forcibly – by means of violence against the human psyche and energy, the victim. By doing this, we change not only the fate of a person, but also our own and his/her past – memory is wasted. An object, the victim comes off from everything and everyone. There was a man/human being and became an idiot.
First signs: the victim begins to change in behavior, in character, in intimate matters, in relationships. Later addicted to alcohol, drugs. Changes in mood are manifested: either isolation, then secret chatting, lies, irritability, cooling, distance. Saying: „I cannot live with you and I cannot live without you. I do not know why, but it pulls me there.“ – this is the password.

✴️ The task of the removal is to take away, but not to bring; put a barrier, close, inspire antipathy, coldness, hate and indifference to your beloved. To make the partner disgusted, annoying the victim.
The more energy is invested in the removal, the stronger this negative effect has on other subsequent partners. This can be confused with the other hex on loneliness, on indifference – the crown of celibacy.
Love spells are most dangerous that are made in the cemetery, on the blood, with the help of demons, which do not work as long as the first two. Both a love spell and a detachment/ removal can be removed. If you remove this magic, after cleaning people, victims of a love spell, a removal never returns to their former I. These are people who live in captivity.

✴️ The sleeping hex/ magic is when there is a negative, but it is not active, does not do its job. ‚Wakes up‘ when there is a soil, for which it has been done or new one, with it can serve as a good auxiliary fuel.
The order to disintegrate the couple. The couple broke up before the hex. The task for the negative was removed before the appointment, the negative got inside, but there is no work.

Mixed hex/ black magic – this indicates different types of negativity. There is an overload of energy and psyche by different and different commands and installations. This is a wild mix of energy, that will lead to a system malfunction, that can turn into anything and can give any effect, and no one can even tell you what can become of this mixture. There are losses of life fronts, strokes, heart attacks and mental attacks.
Approximately, all these people, not knowing each other, in the same time decided to harm their victim. The mistress ordered a love hex, the neighbor cursed, at work someone made hex on health.

Unfinished and incompletely cleaned negativity is not a complete effect of the order. It happens that you order a task to the master, and you change your mind in a day or two, but the master has already begun… and this turns out to be an unfinished hex/ magic, a love removal, a love spell.
Something worsened at the victim, but did not crashed. Got worse and stuck. Energy centers are partially closed. Many victims consider these events as a natural process.
In order to make the hex/ magic of any kind, and to remove it a certain time is required until a few days or certain lunar days.
So, the victim asks the master for cleaning the negative. The process has begun, improvements have started, but the cleaning period itself is not over yet. The contract person seeing the improvement decided that this is enough and stops the process.

Thiefs, carriers
✴️ The raised negative is from the category „I’m not on purpose!“ There is no specific victim.
In magic there are many different types of cleansing: from hex, from illness, from alcoholism and a bad fate. When your own negative energy is transferred to an object, that then becomes a carrier, but not destroyed as it would be worth doing ideally. If I may say so – it is an option for unscrupulous and lazy practitioners.
In magic, the more you sacrifice, the more you give up. The more expensive the item, the greater the negative. Dropping, carries are done on expensive phones or gold. Everything bad that the owner had, all this will transferred to the new victim. There are no enemies, but…
Drops are thrown off on someone or left in public places, at intersections. The main thing is to get rid of it and the owner does not care who takes it. Nobody wanted to harm you. Therefore, whoever picks it up, takes it, rejoicing in its freebie, becoming „lucky“ at the right time and place.

✴️ Games with a cemetery without knowing the rules = settlers, obsession.
Obsession is when the destructive program is not led by a virus, but by an independent energy entity, an astral parasite.

    The astral world, which is invisible exists… there are spirits, energies, egregors, entities, phantoms, deceased, larvae, astral parasites.

This is an energetic penetration into the energy body of a person of an independent essence/ being, a spirit, which in terms of its energy level exceeds the level of human energy and thereby being stronger as a hacker, puts the most important centers of human self-control under control: suppresses the mind, consciousness, will of a person, making him a controlled marianette – it is a complete subordination of the human mind to something.
All people have energy immunity, an energy barrier, and while we have it, we are protected. With special training, neither the evil eye nor the magic hex will break through. The more generous you are, the great soul you have to forgive, understand, deign, the less chance of penetration.
There are disorders in both the physical body and in the astral body, and energy parasites can get into these gaps. This penetration is both spontaneous and intentional. This happens at the time of severe mental and physical exhaustion, at the time when of consciousness switched off, when playing esotericism, when working incorrectly with the world of the dead, by causing all kinds of spirits with wrong methods, with shamanism, with wrong meditation, with astral travels, taking the wrong approach to apocalyptic practices, including in energy-gathering practices and expanding awareness of any kind, and in dangerous hepatogenic places: cemetery, places of mass deaths, black places of power, anomalous zones.
When our protective barrier exhausted, it cannot restrain the virus attacks of various entities that move with only one motive, to devour. For them, we are food, an energy source, that they need to get, reach, suck, so as to penetrate our energy centers. Most often, the acute entities penetrate – the larvae, light sub-settlers, they also temporarily create connections to smoking.
The obsession, the essence got control over the human consciousness, got the right to declare own I, having full grip of the human system, the chakras, begins to give a command, more energy impulses, subtle bodies to the energetic centers of man, into the chakras, and from there to the nerve centers of human consciousness, so that a person does not control himself. This means that the human consciousness is bound to hands and feet. The man is locked in himself. And it is pulled like a marianette by the arms and legs. The psyche of the victim receives a viral attack. A person can lose the protective function in his body.
The behavior of an obsession is almost always similar to the behavior of a psycho. Pure obsession is very rare. Obsession through attachment to the deceased can be arbitrary, intentional, and spontaneous. In all of these cases, the deceased is asked to be picked up.
The stronger the spirits, demons, dead are, the more harder it is to get rid of them. There are coming/staying and going settlers. The sattler lives, feeds only on our energy. They lead in a negative minus, in a negative. They scare, but if you do not give them the evoked emotions, then nothing will happen, because they do not know how to live in high purity, in happiness.
Symptoms of obsession: inappropriate, previously atypical behavior, seizures/ attacks, violence, tantrums, tearfulness, panic, speaking in a strange voice, aggression, cramps, compulsions, epileptic attacks without an epilic syndrome, loss of body control, mental/ psychological disorders, pressure, hallucinations, delirium, distribution of personality, psychosis, there may be fatal pains, sharp, unpredictable disturbances in the physiological indicators the desire to intentionally harm others, autoaggression – the desire to intentionally harm yourself, including suicide.

✴️ A hypotogenic lesion is a type of negativity, a lesion, that is a geolocation that causes disease. There are places that cannot be explained; there is a bad, distorting, destructive energy. This can be associated with natural phenomena such as magnetic fields, an anomaly of the earth – natural, and with accumulated negative energy: all places where pain, death, suffering are concentrated, is artificial. Everything can fall into this negative zone: the house, the microdistrict, and the city. These are geomagnetic disturbances of the earth’s crust. By a natural lesion, there are 2 options: either you continue to stay in the same place and get sick or you move. In the case of artificial lesion, this negative can be closed with the help of magical rituals.

✴️ The hex/ black magic to a room, or underlay, is a crude, primitive, but often common form of hex. Any thing can be the carrier of this: dead water, earth, objects that have been in the cemetery – everything that carries a charge of dead energy. The longer this item is in the indoors, the more it does harm. Even after the removal and destruction of these items, the negative does not disappear anywhere since it has already been absorbed into space, see paragraph energetic blockage. Breaking a person is easier than removing it.

The hex/ magic with a underlay is done on a specific person in order to break something: health, luck, happiness, relationships, career, business, right up to the person himself. This requires the transfer of negativity, the thing in which there is a negative program, in a person’s energy body, most often to the access of the victim’s body or its space. The underlay is brought to the doorstep of the house, to the office, to the apartment. And that should work off. Besides, it can carry the effect of energy clogging, those people who are nearby.


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