März 25 2020

Redemption and its types in magic

Repayment is a kind of payment for services to the forces that you are addressing. It is worth to remember that the form of repayment should be chosen based on the preferences of those forces that provide you with assistance.

The repayment is always done after the ritual, this is the difference between repayments and gifts to the forces. It is best to make a purchase immediately after the ritual. In itself, repayment as part of a magical action is used more often in black magic, the magic of lower spirits and other things, because it is customary for the gods and Higher Powers are given to keep constant contact with them.

The choice of the option and the execution of the repayment is an individual matter. We will look at common types.

I. Repayment at the crossroads.
Made in rituals with a call of forces of a lower order to achieve your goal. Most often, money is used for this (coins of the same denomination). Do not carry coins in your pocket, but carry them in cloth or in your hand. Leave at the crossroads at night (or throw it over your left shoulder) and leave without turning around. It is also possible to repay with vodka and cigarettes (without unpacking it).

II. Repayment in the cemetery.
Wine, jewelry, bread, vodka, flowers, money are suitable. All this leave at the crossroads of the cemetery/graveyard paths or under the old tree, if it is intended for the Master or the Mistress. If the deed is intended for the deceased, then it will be left on the grave or buried nearby.

III. Repayment to the poor.
It is offered by products or money, it is often used when referring to the Higher Forces, and not to spirits. It is not passed from hand to hand.

IV. Repayment for animals.
Give to dogs raw meat with blood or bread with milk; bread or grain/cereals for birds; for cats the meat. Cemetery animals have priority if the rituals were performed with the forces of the cemetery.
Outside of the cemetery, such a mercenary is suitable for working with the Higher Forces.

Whatever you buy for the repayment, do it in cash, leave the change to the seller. It is advisable not to transfer money from hand to hand. Savings in the repayment are not appropriate; you must give a „price“ equal to the service. The main thing is to announce “Paid”.

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