April 19 2021

Practices of healing the clan

Many different practices have been invented to get rid of destructive programs passed down by family (from ancestors). All of them can be divided into three groups:

    1. Prayer practices.
    Advantages – ease of implementation.
    Disadvantages – not everyone is suitable, because the ancestors had different nationalities, religions, beliefs, belonging to different egregors. At best, it will not work. At worst, you will hurt.
    2. Constellation practices.
    Advantages – efficient point-to-point work with customer requirements. A good substitute can clearly read information from the information field, reveal the unmanifest.
    Disadvantages – the constellator is not always environmentally friendly, especially if he/she does not have other educational backgrounds (psychotherapy, coaching). Substitutes (client) are not always adequate and mentally healthy. Many years of work are needed for a high-quality processing.
    3. Regressions.
    Advantages – high efficiency.
    Disadvantages – all transformational work must be done by the customer independently. The leader only guides and makes demands.

When you start working with the clan, especially without a competent coach, there is a high risk of transferring the karmic load. You can carry the problems of your ancestors on your shoulders.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to remember:

a) The expediency of the process.
Who are you doing all this work for? For ancestors or for yourself?
Most likely, to make life more comfortable for yourself and your children.
And if for parents or relatives, then this is called the Rescue. You interfere someone else’s fate. The higher powers punish you for this.

b) Application points.
You do not have to work not with your ancestors, but with yourself, with inherited attitudes.

Considering all these points above, I recommend using the RPT Regression technology. It is the most efficient and environmentally friendly.

© Leonid Orlan

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