Dezember 17 2019

about the Fate and the Live

Fate gives us life, like a children’s „coloring book“. The usual background and the outlines of fate. And, what colors will be, only you decide. Your colorful life, or in gray colors, scold the artist – yourself. Fate gives you a „coloring book“, and then… only your will. Unknown author

What a nice statement! Is not it?

It seems that your destiny is individual and that there is and cannot be other such.

    In situations where everything is clear, everything is going according to plan and everything is in colors, then you are undoubtedly an artist of your own fate.
    How many of you can brag about it?
    Most people will say that „it is not that simple“ or „it couldn’t get any worse.“ In such cases, and it may happen that you are not the main author of your life and fate, but a co-author. Of course, there are exceptions to each rule, we will talk about them later.
In one way or another, everyone decides for himself which role suits him best. Just do not forget that fate has such phenomena such as a coincidence of circumstances, a point of renewal, and external interventions.

In the film ‚In Time‘, with Justin Timberlake, director Andrew Niccol shows his vision of fate and life in general. This movie is worth watching.

Author and presenter of the Ukrainian project ‚The Realities of the World / [Mir naiznanku = ‚Мир наизнанку‘]‘ Dmitry Komarov shows the real life of different people and nations of the XXI century. (It is in Russian, look for the subtitles and-or subtritrate of your language on YouTube.)

Study history, watch movies or read books based on real events. And remember that Even in the worst of fate, there are opportunities for happy change.(Erasmus of Rotterdam)

One of the clearest examples of a coincidence of circumstances is living in total control, namely, this is the life in North Korea.
While a despotic regime rules in North Korea and the majority of residents cannot escape hunger and violence, a cheerful and happy picture can be observed in capitalist South Korea (see photos by German photographer Dieter Leistner).
Kim Jong-un’s regime strictly controls all information flowing into the country. Because of this, people know very little about life outside their country. There is daredevils who risk their lives to flee the country. After starting a new life, this is how they describe their previous one: “Looking back, you understand: we all lived in prison. We could not go wherever we want, do what we want. North Koreans have eyes, but they do not see, they do not hear. There are mouths, but they cannot speak.“

Primary source for this example is Galileo of the German channel ProSieben.

And an example of the psychological influence of the opinions of others.
South Korea is a country with strong Confucian traditions, where education is elevated to a cult. It is believed that if the student does not gaining the required number of points and does not pass the exam, the student embarrass his family and will point fingers at them for a long time. Therefore, those who openly decide not to go to higher education are few. This means that all or almost all of them pass the ‚Korean Exam‘.
South Korea is the only country in the world where the whole country waits, during the exams, 8 hours of waiting, with bated breath for the end. All this time, until the exam is over, complete silence is provided to the students. Even planes postpone flights to avoid distracting schoolchildren.

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