Januar 14 2021

True story vs real events

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Was it in a book or a movie?

Someone likes to watch movies, while others read and watch (and vice versa). Everyone chooses what they like. Therefore, for those who like to watch and then read the list of books on/about real events has already been indirectly compiled, which can be found at this [movies] link. As for the first and for the second, it remains only to find the author.
The classic list will still be compiled, but now will be shared some ideas.

Audible, Storytel

For example, about people:

    „Great/greatest creators of fashion“
    „(number) great/greatest people“
    „(number) great/greatest people who changed the world“
    „(number) greatest aristocrats“
    „(number) greatest women“
    And necessarily „(number) greatest mistresses“
    „(number) great/greatest athletes“
    „(number) great/greatest travelers“

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