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What awaits suicide after death?

Many believe that the suicide comes to a  special place in Hell, where he arrives in constant agony and torment, since suicide is one of the worst sins because a person commits a double sin – murder and despair, which can no longer possible to be repentant.
Those who commit suicide are deprived of the funeral service before burial, and his soul is considered cursed, doomed to descend into them and eternal abide in the clutches of the „beast.“ The only exceptions are madmen who have committed suicide in a state of mental confusion. The suicide is only given a burial service if the clergyman recognizes the deceased as insane, and for this it is enough to provide/present the relatives of the suicide with an appropriate medical certificate.
Previously, suicides were buried outside the cemetery. And although now this is a rather rare phenomenon, it still sometimes manifests itself in the form of a ban on burial in a church cemetery.

The Koran also forbids suicide. In one of the hadiths, the Prophet Muhammad says: “Whoever kills himself with iron will carry the weapon of crime on him until the end of the century. The poisoned one will drink his poison forever. Anyone who has jumped from a height will again and again fall into the abyss of the underworld.“
The author of one of six verified collections of Sunni hadiths, Abu Dawood (10th century), narrates this how Muhammad refused funeral honors to the suicide.

In Buddhism, it is believed that karmically neutral deprivation of life or self-sacrifice is only possible for an elderly arhat. In other cases, suicide is viewed as a „negative action“, caused by ignorance and aversion to life. Such an act of a suicide suspends the possibility of receiving a „favorable religious perspective“ until the next life.

But among the ancient Maya ritual suicide was common, which was equated with sacrificing oneself to the gods; such suicides were highly respected, and their family received benefits and many donations.

So what happens there, on the other side of our reality, in parallel worlds with the soul of the one who has decided to commit suicide and end his mortal existence?
The subject is quite complicated and has been raised repeatedly by many religious organizations over the centuries. However, there is one similarity between all the studies that have been consumed by many people – the soul falls into an endless stream of torment/ agony and suffering. Clairvoyants call this phenomenon getting stuck between worlds.

By reason of depression and despair (no matter what the reason), people decide to end their existence in this world. The most common suicide methods are rope, razor and bath, headshot, jumping into the water with a stone around your neck, medication, jumping under a vehicle, jumping from a height.

Psychologists who have spoken to those who were able to save at the last moment have shown that: more than 99% of suicides, at the last moment of consciousness (for example, the hanged, when they begin to suffocate due to lack of ability to breathe, look for a chair with their feet to get up and stop their action – this is the last moment of awareness) do not want to die and understand what stupidity they are doing. The same thing is said by many Mediums and Spiritists when summoning a Suicide Soul (although this is a rather dangerous practice, we sometimes do it).
Most suicides have an exacerbated/ heightened desire to live, at the last moment. But for various reasons, they cannot stop the started process and leave our world. The momentary tortures, torments, fear, pain and feeling of guilt in the front of their relatives, which they experience at this moment of self-awareness, can hardly be compared with anything. The release of energies supported by an incredible wave of emotions, feelings and adrenaline – incredibly many. What a suicide is experiencing in the last seconds of his life cannot be conveyed in words and cannot be described with a pen. To put it mildly, they remember their whole life – they not only experience it in a split second, but even feel many past memories (first kiss, first sexual experience, gifts they wanted, fall or break of an arm/ leg, etc.) everything that gave them great joy, impression, happiness or pain – they all experience and even feel in the last few seconds. All of this becomes a kind of anchor for the Soul and leaves it here.
The soul cannot leave the place where a person ceased his physical existence due to strong emotions, which have arisen at the last moment, due to fear and guilt, which are experienced at the moment of transition and awareness of what happened, increased adrenaline and a big release of energy, as well as due to, literally explosion of a person’s aura – the soul is tied to the place where all of this happened. And if blood was also shed during the commission of one of the most terrible mortal sins, then the soul is definitely assigned to the place where it will exist for a long time.

As a rule, such souls can stay at the place of death from one to three centuries – that is, from 100 to 300 years. They are not hunted by the dogs of hell and they are not needed by demons to seduce and descend into hell – they are already in hell, where endless torments pass. Torments that look like an endlessly stuck record playing the same melody. The circle from the moment of the beginning of the suicide until its completion. This is the so-called „special place in Hell“ – the Soul of a suicide, will relive its murder every day, over and over again. Every day, or even several times a day, the soul will repeat everything that happened to it during its lifetime a few hours before the direct action – suicide. (as an example: he called and told her that he does not want to see her anymore and that he was dating another girl. She burst into tears. Her heart is broken. She drinks a bottle of wine and walks with the second bottle to the bathroom. Turns on her favorite tune. She opens the veins with a razor and lies down in the bath. Continues to drink wine. Remembers certain events associated with „him“. Vivid and pleasant. Then there are unpleasant memories associated with „him“. She starts to cry again. In anger, she begins to screaming at him and sending him over the mountains… Then she remembers mom and dad and sister. Remembers her coolest birthday ever. She remembers how her mother scolded her and how her sister protected her… She remembers almost everything that caused vivid and strong emotions and feelings. She realizes that she does not want to lose her loved ones and relatives who have always supported and helped her… Realizes that she made the mistake of cutting her veins and that she does not want to end her life like this. Feels great weakness and lethargy in the body. A growing fear begins to appear, that grips her completely. The visions of memories become brighter as the brain receives less and less oxygen. The fear continues to grow. Feelings of guilt and regret for what she did. She begins to want to change her work and her attempts to flounder in the bathroom, which look like mild cramps, in order to get out or call for help – will not be crowned with success. She begins to cry for what she did. Call, mentally, for help. But… )

The soul, leaving the body, sees itself in the bathroom. It sees blood in water and a corpse. It perfectly remembers what happened at the last moment and fear takes possession of her.
Double fear – fear during life and after death, is a kind of rope connecting the parallel world with ours, and the blood shed by it in the bathroom becomes an anchor that does not allow the soul to leave the confines of this place. The second feeling that the soul will experience and that will bind it even more to this place is guilt, guilt towards relatives who will find her corpse and who will fall into violent horror from what they saw. By the way, these relatives‘ emotions are also a cord that binds the soul of suicide to the world of the living. And the last emotion that will finally bind the soul is the desire to correct everything, to correct what has been done – to change, return to the bathroom, lie down in the water and open your eyes…
However, the most terrible thing is to experience a repeat of what happened to her not so long ago for the first time. The change of reality there occurs instantly, and the new suicides have not yet got lost in time and are able to distinguish the change of the situation. The first few times, they sincerely believe that everything that happened to them is a bad dream and that everything will be fine now. The joy just runs over. But how dramatically everything changes when the phone rings. Imagine – and this is a vicious circle. Every day, or even several times a day, the soul is forced to repeat everything that it did during its lifetime before committing suicide.

At first, the soul tries to make changes to the script, but it does not work, since the film has already been shot and the frames cannot be redone. Any attempt to change the action starts the cycle again and the soul again experiences the first few hours before suicide. Over time, the soul begins to lose memory and in the end it no longer remembers that yesterday it was already lying in the bathroom and drank wine. Forgets everything and about everything – about himself, about relatives, about close people, about loved ones. Forgets even the most vivid and most emotional moments from/ in his life.

In such premises, in places of suicide phantoms of emotions remain and sometimes, extremely rarely, fragments from several hours of the life of a suicide are usually left behind. Almost all people feel these places, especially those who have relatives who also ended up their existence with a noose around their necks. As a rule, when people come to such a place, after a while they have the same feelings that a suicide experienced – inexplicable sadness up to depression, apprehension, fear to chills and despair. These phantom emotions, with each passing hour, more and more penetrate into a person and affect him.

Suicides often feed on your fears – your emotions. These emotions arise spontaneously and are not controlled by you because of the most important instinct – the instinct of self-preservation. If the Suicide Soul sees or feels that you have come into contact with it (no matter which one) it will influence you. Therefore, the plots of some horror films are partial truth. Except that it cannot physically harm or even kill you. But! The Soul of a Suicide, can never leave its „Hell“, so to stop everything – you just have to move. But if you do not have the option to move or you do not want to – it is necessary to do magical work to calm them down and send the soul of suicide to another place. Although, it is best to immediately clean the purchased apartments of negatives and any past, that, in one way or another, can and will influence new tenants. I almost forgot. The souls of suicides, which are tied to roads, and do not certain and restricted places in the room, can be moved to another place with the help of a ritual and tied there.

Some wizards know how to direct such souls to the living and thereby drive the victim crazy or, even worse, killing the victim. Often times, such souls are sent for discord in the family and in the future for their divorce, or so that a person begins to constantly get sick with those diseases that can bring him to the grave.
It happens that such a soul can be confused with a larval/ larvic essence, since depending on the method and style of influencing a living person, the soul does not differ significantly from it. However, it cannot be confused with Larva itself or with the soul sent from the cemetery.
It is quite difficult to remove such a soul, but it is not dangerous for both the victim  of this soul and the exorcist, but it is dangerous for the one who sent it, because it  is after removal goes to its summoner and will revenge.

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