Juni 17 2020

Diagnostics of the presence of negative

Diagnostics of the presence of negative; €uro 9,49 = U$D 9,94:

– look at the overall sustainability, to impacts @ Is there any negative? Which one? and from where?

– level of energy
– protection potential;

Diagnostics :
– of personal life – the personal life is not built up
– of money, work, career – the business, work on the verge of breaking
– of health – you often get sick
– of relationships – you have family disputes and scandals
– of generation negativity
– of the presence of settlers or obsession

Do not exclude the fact that the reason for all this is not magic, but your personal attitude to the situation and life in general.

Diagnostic price is €uros 15
Payment is accepted by # PayPal, # Skrill, # Perfect money,
# Master / Visa card (using Paysend or any other way)
and on request to a bank account in Germany.

The price for the negative removal and the provision of protection is 150.00 €uros! Euros only.

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