Februar 25 2023

Notes on Magic and Psychology.

Notes on Magic and Psychology. What works, what doesn’t work, what harms/ interferes?

We all live in a complex world where people face a lot of problems every day that require external help to solve. For each problem, there is a specialist who will help to solve the problem.

The comparison and discussion of the benefits and effectiveness of the uses of magic and psychology is not very correct. Application areas are different. Yes, the areas are adjacent and somewhere, of course, partly overlapping, but still different and for different levels of problem.

Let’s consider the level of the problems and when to whom you should contact for help.

    1. Psychologist – he treats only mentally healthy people who do not have physical and mental disorders, do not need medical treatment (maybe light sedatives), but they are just a little confused in their problems, have a wrong view on someissies due to wrong upbringing, erroneous attitudes, etc. A psychologist is an attendant auxiliary profession that helps to understand oneself and one’s desires in generally healthy people without mental disorders. The psychologist addresses our healthy part of consciousness.

    2. Psychotherapist. If a person has already experienced borderline states of the psyche, psychological trauma, some traumatic events that he himself cannot digest, then a psychotherapist is needed here. This is not a psychiatrist yet, but specific methods are already appropriate here to get the patient out of the borderline state, it is a long work with the patient according to specific methods to get him out of a difficult state. Medication may be or may not be – it depends on the patient’s condition and tasks. More psychological methods of correcting the problem are used here.

    3. Psychiatrist. It is when a person has physical functional, genetic mental disorders and can be diagnosed in psychiatry. Simply put, a psychiatrist is needed when the lost mind on the physical level is already completely gone and the person requires serious medical and psychiatric treatment. This is already pure medicine, which aims not only to appeal to reason and wants to heal psychologically and medically, but at least wants to bring the patient into remission.

    4. Magic help. A single, oldest related speciality with its own traditions and specifics, which deals with directed external third-party influences on the psyche and life of a person. This is something that medicine does not recognize, but something that works anyway. The effect takes place here on a subtle level, which official medicine rejects as scientifically unproven.

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